AdviceMavens is a peer to peer on-demand career advice platform that aims to connect, cultivate and empower (C^2E) the community to advance their professional careers and personal lives. AdviceMavens believes that each one of us is a Maven and has something to give back to the community, whether from personal, educational, and / or professional experiences.

The company is founded by two MIT Sloan Alumnae who (from their personal experiences) saw the power that a network and a community can have on someone’s personal and professional career. There was a realization that not everyone is lucky enough to have such a powerful network; hence,  AdviceMavens was created to bridge this gap and provide a marketplace for career advice services, from peers like you and me.

We want to transform the way you find and connect with people who can help you secure your next dream job. Instead of cold emailing, we want to give our members the ability to search and to connect with peers  who are experienced in your areas of interests. Hope you enjoy AdviceMavens!

Meet the Co-Founders

Anita Kibunguchy

Follow: LinkedIn | Twitter: @kibuanita

Jing Yang

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