AdviceMavens – Getting You Ready for the New Year

As the new year starts, so do new hopes, new dreams and new possibilities. That’s why new year’s resolutions are so popular and gratifying; it’s like the universe is giving you another chance at life. Another chance to start over, be better, be good, be kind. I know it has been a while since we’ve spoken to you our AdviceMavens community, 2018 literally flew by! We spent majority of this year getting our platform ready for you, so we’re looking forward to unveiling it very soon so you can start using it.

As I was trying to figure out what to write about, I realized that we’d never really talked about how AdviceMavens came to being and what was the passion behind it. We can all agree that the job search process is hard and very time consuming. My co-founder Jing Yang and I know this first-hand because we’ve been there plus we’re constantly pinged by friends, family and even strangers to help them through this process. Be it reviewing resumes, interview prep help, job referrals – you name it. We also have friends who’ve vented to us about their job search process and we could definitely empathize.

So we decided to do some research and what we discovered was staggering:

  1. CareerBuilder estimates that job seekers will spend about 11 hours per week looking for work? Zety
  2. Only 20% of job openings are publicly advertised – Zety
  3. 118 is the number of people who apply to any job, and only 20% of those applicants get an interview? – Forbes
  4. 70% of hires mentioned networking as their primary source of getting a job – The Balance
  5. 97% of Millennials entering the workforce today have not received the career coaching needed to empower them to take control of their professional future? – Inc

As you can tell from these statistics, having a good network is paramount. So what happens to people who are in the job search process and don’t have a good network to reach out to for help? This process is even harder. That why for us, AdviceMavens made so much sense. It is a peer-to-peer career advice platform that aims to bridge this gap and connect peers to advance their personal and professional lives. At AdviceMavens, we believe that every one of us is a Maven and the power of peer-to-peer information sharing is so powerful so long as it is well harnessed and everyone within the community believes in the mission. We want to build a powerful network of people that gets excited to lift each other up and help make a difference in other people’s lives. AdviceMavens will provide access to a great network of industry professionals who have been vetted by us and have self selected to offer their help and advice. We aim to offer transparency so you know exactly what you’re getting in a service. You will also be able to rate your maven so others can learn from your experience.

We want to build a powerful network of people who get excited to lift each other up and help make a difference in other people’s lives. I know people have different aspirations for the new year and if you’re looking to get a new job, switch careers, apply to business school or simply explore what else is out there for you, then you came to the right place! As you think about reinventing yourself this year, then let us be here for you. The key to starting any job search is making sure your resume and LinkedIn profiles are both updated and ready to go. Take the first step now and get the year started off right! We’re offering a 30 minutes free consultation so reach out to us at [email protected].

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